Geist Daughterboard - USB-C and Rotary Encoder (extra)

It takes two

Attractive. Literally.

The 2 machined parts snap together by magnetic power with a combination of screw-in magnets and ferritic stainless steel.

Made in Germany

spiritfully machined

Surgically manufactured in a quality of premium jewelry in small collectible batches.

Designed, manufactured and quality controlled in one location - at Geistmaschine the designer, the engineer and the CNC operator are working on side to maintain the best quality we can possibly deliver.

There's no B-stock. Failures will be sorted out - no sugarcoating, no manual involvement to correct flaws which leads to further imperfections.

The philosophy behind the T-Artisan is to create a perfectly machined object with strictly no handcraft but still maintaining the truly artisanal spirit.