"The Geistmaschine ASP series may be the most beautiful – or at least, the most elegant – keyboard line available today."


Have you ever found yourself drawn to smaller keyboards for their elegance and simplicity, yet realized your true need for a full-size layout?

Smaller keyboards often offer a more refined and uncluttered presence on your desk. They feel lighter and less imposing. This one uniquely bridges this gap: we've crafted a grand claviature, placing it atop a surreally minimal slab. The result is a monolith of a keyboard, combining the functionality of a full-size layout with the sleek aesthetics of a compact design.

Introducing the Studio | ASP

When form follows function follows form.

Form or function first. The order is not relevant when both head into the same direction to complete each other.

The ferritic stainless steel bands that wrap all-around the keyboard allow the magnetic attachment of accessories but also dictate the key layout by dividing it and providing order and structure.

The inception of the design was the uncompromise experience of having a fullsize layout on an elegant, puristic platform that either blends confidently into elegant design & architecture studios, ateliers or naturally enhance your environment with sophistication and eye-catching understatement.

Left numpad? Right.

Love or hate numbers - there's no way around them. If you're used to a fullsize layout you automatically take your hand from the mouse in order to type in numbers.

The ASP lets you keep your hand on the mouse while using the left hand for number inputs. An enrichment to your life/work-life that you don't want to miss once tried.

Modularity is a gimmick, until it works.

The flat cuboid shape leaves a lot of room for expansion. Lift the board with a U-Stand to 6.5 degrees for an adjusted typing experience and take it off whenever you'd like to enjoy typing at 0 degree - the stainless bands of the ASP allow swapping accessories in a blink.

After you equip the ASP with the U-Stand, the angled board creates a space underneath. Now, the Flat-Weight comes into place - it snaps magnetically to the stainless bands and aligns itself with the U-Stand. While the standalone ASP was engineered to sound premium, the high density body of the Flat-Weight adjusts the acoustic of the board even further by shutting down micro-vibrations.

The final touch.

Each edition comes with a variety of surface characteristics.

GE comes in a traditional silver anodized aluminium finish while the stainless steel bands are matte sandblasted and cerakoted.

IE and SE are MAG-tagged. MAG stands for ‘Mastered in Germany‘ and is proudly introduced with the ASP for the first time. MAG editions are surface finished locally in Berlin, Germany. Therefore, IE and SE come in a unique ceramic treated finish that's similar to soft sandstone - ultra fine to the touch and ultra matte to the eye.

EE on the other hand features the beloved signature look of frost transparent polycarbonate and sandblasted copper with a protective electrophoresis coating.

Find your match.

The 4 available editions are differentiated in look and feel - from slick and contemporary to glamorous elegance to technological sophistication. Or, a bit of everything.

Hover over the different descriptions below and blend between the editions to find your match.


No screws until you need them.

The magnetic stainless bands cover all 4 M3 screws. That's all you need to disassemble the entire keyboard.

Engineered from the inside out.

The Studio | ASP wasn't engineered to be beautiful but to function beautifully - and that's the beauty about it.

The clean lines of the exterior continue into the interior. The thoughtful construction demonstrates the attention of detail and the design objective of streamlining the entire (dis-)assembly process.

Painless setup for ambitious builds.

The Dual-Layer Gasket mount allows quick switch-plate changes without any hassle. No screws, no sticking side gaskets needed. The first layer of firmer Poron aligns and keeps the plate in place while the thicker, softer Poron cushions any vibrations from the impact of your fingers.

Thin form, thic sound.

Even being only 20mm thin, the ASP doesn't compromise in terms of acoustics. In order to accomplish this goal, we CNC-machined rigidity rails into the bottom case. While the rigidity rails extrude from the ground of the case, custom Poron foam perfectly fills out the CNC-machined pockets. This combination of materials creates a unique symbiosis of stiffness and softness in a slim form factor.

Are you a purist or knobist?

It's your choice to keep the design as minimal as possible or boost the functionality with a mini knob.

Under the hood the knob features a premium Swiss-designed rotary encoder known from sophisticated audio devices.

You can easily map different functions to your clickable knob in VIA or QMK.

Technical aspects

Layout: southpaw fullsize
Typing angle: 0 deg at standalone without stand.
6.5 deg with stand (available seperately)
Interface: USB-C
Firmware: VIA | QMK
Electronics designer: Toastystoemp

421 mm width
152 mm depth
20 mm height

In the box
Studio | ASP keyboard case
Electronics/PCB (solderable or hotswap) (ANSI or ISO)
Fr4 switch plate
Poron dual-layer gaskets
Poron Foam set
Rubber feet

NOT in the box
USB cable
Soft case (comes in premium packaging)

Purchase informations

Groupbuy format: FCFS. Shipping happens batch by batch - first come first served.

Units: Unlimited

Estimated shipping date: May 2024.
Personal pick-up possible in Berlin, Germany.

Development & manufacturing: Designed and developed in Germany. CNC-machined and surface finished in China. MAG-tagged keyboards are surface finished in Germany. Quality control and assembling in Germany. Shipping will be from Berlin, Germany.

GE: from $499
EE: from $799
IE: from $649
SE: from $669

All listed prices are without VAT. For buyers inside the EU VAT will be added.