Group Buy Info

What is a Group Buy?

A group buy (GB) is similar to a pre-order or made to order and takes place before the actual manufacturing. GBs are widely used as a sale format in the community of mechanical keyboards.

Usually payment are collected by the vendor and their proxies around the world within a pre-defined timeframe or until a certain unit number has been reached, then, forwarded to the factory for manufacturing. Due to the nature of this process there is an extended timeline from order to shipping from several weeks to several months. For GB items you will find a shipping date estimation in the product description. Be aware that these dates are, literally, only estimates and possibilities of delays or setbacks cannot not be completely ruled out.

At Geistmaschine we are doing our best to avoid occuring delays by keeping the production chain as short as possible:

We design, made, do quality control, storage and ship your item from Berlin, Germany.