Macro Pod Guide

Full disassembly


First off, remove keycaps and switches from your Macro Pod build.

Unplug the D1 Brain from the T3 Body.


Remove the 4x M2 screws on the T3 Body. Make sure the shaft of your screw driver doesn't scratch the T3 housing.

Pull off the dial to reveal the 2x M2 screws and remove them as well.


Pull up the switch plate.


Flip the Macro Pod upside down and remove the back covers on both the Brain and the Body.

Unfasten the 2x M2 screws next to the accent blocker to remove it.


Remove all 4x screws on each housing and remove the PCBs.
Poron foam installation guide


Use the reference on the left hand side to sort and orientate each of the 4 Poron foam pieces.

The 2 on the left are the thicker PCB foams. The 2 on the right are the thinner case foams.


The two thick Porons are layered over the PCBs while the two thinner Porons sit under the PCBs.