• Geist - Engineering Edition
  • Geist - Engineering Edition
  • Geist - Engineering Edition
  • Geist - Engineering Edition
  • Geist - Engineering Edition
  • Geist - Engineering Edition

Geist - Engineering Edition

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Geist is the artful and playful convergence of uncompromising design, engineering, and manufacturing.

The drive for minimalistic but radical design, upmost manufacturing quality, ethical and environmental responsibility is embodied in a single object - an input device.

Featuring a 65% layout plus Swiss-engineered rotary encoder and the unique 3D Bracket Mount, Geist is our interpretation of a high-end keyboard.

All of this is made in-house as well as in close collaboration with our local suppliers in Berlin, Germany. This allows us to make everything on our own terms, while upholding our beliefs in how an uncompromising object should be made. 

Disclaimer: this is a pre-order and will be shipped once the product has been manufactured. Estimated delivery would be late Q4 2022/Q1 2023. When submitting a pre-order you agree to above mentioned terms and conditions.


  • 5.5 deg typing angle
  • 19.5 mm front height
  • 4.2 kg unbuilt
  • 6x CNC-machined parts:
    top-case inlay (raw machined transparent polycarbonate with bead blasted top surface)
    bottom-case (bead blasted copper, clear cerakoted)
    housing (satin polished, clear anodized aluminium)
    halfmoon-stand (raw machined SS, clear cerakoted/mirror polished copper, clear cerakoted)
    knob (mirror polished copper, clear cerakoted)
    accent U-blocker (matte bead blasted ferritic stainless steel)

This set includes:

  • FR4 plate with flex-cuts and accent stripes (silver accents on Type-1, copper accents on Type-2)
  • Set of soft silicon 3D Brackets for plate-mount (mild grey)
  • Main PCB with flex-cuts - QMK and VIA compatible (soldered or hotswap)
  • Daughterboard with USB-C and premium Swiss-engineered Rotary Encoder
  • Acoustic foam set
  • Bump-on set

everything "raw machined" has CNC tool marks on purpose. Top case inlays are left raw machined with only the top surface being bead blasted - that means no tool marks on the outer top surface.

Although polycarbonate ("pc") is naturally a robust material, please treat pc 
parts gently and with care, especially with the screw threads being inside the pc top case inlays. The pc top inlays have CNC milled threads instead of metal inserts for a clean appearance.

In case you want your included PCB to be hotswappable, make sure to add the HOTSWAP OPTION item to your cart.

Also, in case you want your included plate to have ISO LAYOUT, make sure to add the ISO OPTION item to your cart.