Ada Lovelace, a visionary beyond her time, met Charles Babbage and saw the future in his steam-powered Analytical Engine. She imagined a world where machines could process any 'mathematically translatable' information.

Later, this discipline would be called computer science.

Hardware Meets Software: A Vision of Synergy
Introducing ADA

Inspired by Ada Lovelace, the first female programmer and a pioneer for modern computing, the ADA keyboard features the HHKB layout, originally invented by Professor Eiiti Wada, a computer scientist.

This layout is a coder’s delight for its swift and seamless typing experience. It cleverly swaps the seldom-used Caps Lock with the Control key, a stroke of genius that taps into the frequent need for shortcuts and commands, enhancing efficiency dramatically.

But it’s not just for the tech-savvy; its intelligent, user-friendly design promises to elevate anyone’s typing, transforming everyday tasks into a smooth, engaging journey. This keyboard blends fun and elegance effortlessly, making each click a joy, whether you’re coding visionary software or composing love letters.

Hardware is the framework, software the playground

With our exclusive PlaySerious app, meticulously crafted from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with all Geistmaschine keyboards, customization is effortless and playful.

Remap keys, create macros for your favorite shortcuts, and delve into unique functions across several layers, transforming the ADA into an indispensable ally for every facet of your creative endeavors.

Made in Germany

The ADA case is meticulously crafted from a single block of metal. But not just any metal—our choice of aluminum is as discerning as every other component we select. Our metals are chosen for their exceptional quality and unique characteristics, essential for achieving the desired surface finish. This meticulous selection process ensures that textures like Soft Sandstone or Volcanite offer an unparalleled tactile experience, unlike anything you've encountered before.

Our commitment extends beyond the materials we choose; it's about the people with whom we choose to work. Every individual involved—from designers and engineers to operators—shares a deep understanding and appreciation for the product. They recognize the significance of local manufacturing, not just in terms of design or engineering but in its broader impact.

Every step we take is made with responsibility towards the economy, the environment, and ethical standards. While the journey is often demanding and presents challenges, the outcome is profoundly rewarding.

The first of its kind

Gasket mount in a unibody case - the ADA's mounting style diverges from standard gasket mounting, adapting to its unique unibody design crafted from a single block of metal.

Moving away from the traditional multi-component approach, we've introduced the Single Slice Sandwich (SSS) Gasket Mount. This innovative, patent-pending design enhances the typing experience by integrating the switch plate and electronics directly into the unibody case. It's then securely locked into position with the L-Stand at the back, ensuring exceptional isolation and stability.

specs | facts


  • in-house made in Germany
  • unibody case
  • back-stand in typing angle of choice
  • exclusive software
  • unique SSS Gasket-Mount
  • toolless magnetic assembly
  • badge pocket for custom T-Artisans

  • HHKB layout
  • PlaySerious app compatibility
  • 1.6mm thickness
  • USB-C connection

What's in the box

  • ADA keyboard case
  • T3 Artisan badge
  • electronics | PCB
  • modular anti-ESD pads
  • Fr4 switch plate
  • gasket kit
  • rubber feet

    What's not included
  • switches
  • stabilizers
  • keycaps
  • USC-C cable