Please take one minute and read first before scrolling down to the fun part. This GB (groub-buy/pre-order) starts from October 22 and ends November 22, 2022 or until a soft capped limit has been reached. The soft cap has been set generously to ensure availability and accessibility without to overextend capacities. A pre-estimated amount of units went into manufacturing ahead of pre-order in order to shorten lead-times. The first batch will be estimated to be delivered late Q1. Orders that exceed the pre-manufactured units could but must not be delivered late Q1 but might be moved to Q2. Orders will be fulfilled chronologically. First come first served. Unlike the in-house produced Geist, the Studio | Macro Pod was designed and prototyped in-house in Germany and machined by our Chinese manufacturing partner. If you agreed to all terms go ahead and happy podding.

Studio | Macro Pod

The Macro Pod brings your favorite functions and shortcuts to a small, beautiful device that is more powerful than its size suggests.

Command | Dynamic Macro | Grave Escape | Leader Key | Mod-Tap | Macros | Mouse Keys | Programmable Button | Space Cadet Shift | US ANSI | Shifted Keys | Auto Shift | Caps Word | Combos | Debounce API | EEPROM | Key Lock | Key Overrides | Layers | One Shot Keys | Raw HID | Secure | Send String | Sequencer | Swap Hands | Tap Dance | Tap-Hold | Unicode | Userspace

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Macro Pod | SE

Let's not pretend you want it solely for productivity. If it's because of aesthetics, we don't blame you. It's not a crime to use it as an over-engineered artisan holder or to bring it always with you to show off to friends (or enemies afterwards).

Thoughtfully designed and precisely CNC machined, the Macro Pod brings a level of sophistication that is rarely seen in devices of its kind.

Swap modules magnetically in a blink. It looks simple and works even simpler. Available in 3 editions - each of them inherits its own vibe and haptic. Modules and even single parts are compatible across all editions, allowing mix'n match craziness.