Introducing TP-1, a new keycap profile that beautifully blends tradition with innovation. Celebrating all the aspects we love about keycaps, we've made subtle enhancements that may seem minor individually but together create a significant impact.

Familiar, yet fresh

TP-1 was conceived not to reinvent the wheel, but to elevate your keyboard's aesthetics with a modern flair that's both familiar and refreshingly new.

One shape to rule them all

As a uniform profile, TP-1 ensures every key maintains the same shape across all rows, presenting a cohesive line that complements the sleek lines of contemporary keyboards. This design delivers a streamlined exterior silhouette, devoid of steps, angles, or curves that could disrupt the visual minimalism.

Attention to small details, such as the matching outer corner radius, ensures TP-1 perfectly aligns with the aesthetic of modern CNC-machined keyboards.

This design consideration addresses a common issue where other keycaps present overly sharp corners, disrupting the visual harmony.

By utilizing specially designed splines instead of traditional fillet squares, we craft ultra-smooth curves that seamlessly preserve the integrity of reflections, providing an unparalleled smooth appearance. This approach avoids the common issue in other keycaps where default fillets lead to a noticeable hard edge at the beginning of the curve.

Comfort at any angle

Invisible from the side, TP-1 keycaps feature a discreet concave indent on their tops, gently guiding your fingers without dictating their placement.

This subtle asymmetrical curve, known as "curved stairs," adjusts to your fingertips at any typing angle, even when flat at zero degrees, ensuring comfort and precision in every keystroke.

Let your typing shine, not the keycaps

Crafted from 1.6 mm PBT, TP-1 keycaps are designed to resist shine from wear and tear, ensuring a lasting matte finish.

The legends, created through a dye-sublimation process, are not merely applied to the surface but are infused deep into the plastic, guaranteeing they will never fade over time.

TP-1 | PlaySet

The first keycap set featuring the TP-1 profile not only combines a sleek and playful design with contemporary typography but also includes novelty keys featuring icons from our PlaySerious app, adding a unique touch that complements a variety of keyboard materials and color schemes.