GE, SE, EE...

These aren't names of specific colorways — they are instead the names of each edition of our keyboards and artisans.

By specifically dividing the products into editions, we are categorizing and contextualizing the endless possibilities of customization.

This will help you to find your way through the Geistmaschine Instagram feed for example, and immediately recognize what your favorite edition is as soon as you understand the meaning behind these acronyms.


Graphic Edition

The contemporary take on Geistmaschine designs, the Graphic Edition resembles modern, flat typography and graphic design.

The naturally shiny metal is getting a soft sandstone finish which feels like ultra fine sandpaper.

Often Graphic Edition boards are overly matte and monochrome with vibrant accents, sometimes featuring matte transparent polycarbonate elements which resemble blurry, low opacity graphic layers.


Selected Edition

As the name suggests, the Selected Edition combines carefully chosen materials with an extensive use of physical vapour deposition coatings (PVD) to create a highly polished, prestigious, and elegant Geist edition that's reminiscent of luxurious jewelry.


Engineers Edition

This bold edition leaves the bare metals as they are, without paint, anodization, or PVD — simply the natural metal.

Metals such as copper or brass will be treated with a robust clear coat to protect the metal from oxidation.

Additionally, each Engineer’s Edition board will come with a transparent top case which allows a view of the internal components. Some colorways will add a transparent housing as well.

This edition has a puristic, sterile and technical vibe and could be a prop out a sci-fi lab.


Initial Edition

This edition marks special occasions, like the launch of a new product or new production batch.

Ultra low in number and sporting a unique colorway, this micro series will often combine signature elements from across all three editions in order to showcase our wide range of manufacturing capabilities within a single product.


Tailored Edition

This is a bespoke product that will be produced especially for you as a unique one-off unit.