Founded in 2021, Geistmaschine is a Berlin-based boutique studio where art meets engineering in the realm of high-end consumer electronics.

Our spirit thrives in a unique world, drawing inspiration from icons like Pikachu, Dieter Rams, and Akira, to infuse our keyboards with the essence of design, engineering, and pop culture. These are not just input devices; they are expressions of our core values.

Our team is committed to local production and direct distribution, ensuring our products not only meet high standards but also embody our dedication to the economy, the environment, and fair labor practices. Geistmaschine caters to discerning individuals who value uniqueness and quality, free from the constraints of fleeting market trends.

Every Geistmaschine creation is a testament to our belief that the entire process is the product, with every detail reflecting our commitment to making a meaningful impact. Welcome to Geistmaschine, where each piece is a statement of art, engineering, and our unwavering values.